Business Fits

“Make this book your first business investment.  It will save you time and heartache…”     A Business Development Director

Business Fits is written in an easy-to-read conversational style with many real life examples.

Is it time to control your destiny with your own business?

How do you find the right business? Why do some businesses fail? The biggest mistake the new entrepreneur makes is selecting a business based on their emotional perception of a product or service. This Outside-In approach may take you down the wrong road.

The key is finding the right business that fits your talents, skills, and resources. The right business fit can help you reach your goals and achieve the life style you desire. Don’t make this important decision for the wrong reasons.

The options are infinite. Where do you start? Should you start your own business from scratch? Should you be looking for an existing business to buy? Is a franchise or some other business opportunity right for you?

Business Fits guides you through a creative Inside-Out approach to finding the right business to reach your goals.

Business Fits is available on Amazon both on Kindle and as a paperback.  The print version may be a better investment for anyone that is seriously considering owning a business, as you may want to use it as a referance later.


[Print Edition]



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