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November 01, 2022

Important Midterm    


        I seldom agree with both the Democrats and Republicans, but I do about this midterm election.  They both say it is the most important midterm in our lifetime.   Our Democratic Republic and our Constitution are at stake.

        The difference is both say the other party is trying to destroy our democracy.  We actually don’t have and never have had a democracy.  We have a republic.  There is a huge difference. 

        What does each Party stand for?   I will address actions and not rhetoric as Democrats always start to SOUND like Republicans when it get close to an election. 


Democrats:                              Republicans:

Rewrite the Constitution           Follow the constitution

Manipulate elections                Fair elections

Marxist country                        Maintain the Republic

Open borders                           Sovereign country

Global economy & control        America first

Crime in the streets                  Criminal justice

Large federal control                State & individual rights

Collapse the economy              Strong economy

Divide country on race ++        Equal rights for all

Eliminate fossil fuels                Energy independence

Politicize gov’t agencies           Equal justice under law

Schools programming kids        Schools educating kids

Censor free speech                 Free speech

Biased media                           Journalists with facts


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.



October 25, 2022

Systemic Racism Revisited   

        It has been a couple years since I blogged about systemic racism.  At that time I said the United States of America was the least racist country in the world.  We had even fought a civil war to end slavery.  We didn’t have any systemic racism. 

        I now have to say we do have systemic racism.  The system hurts blacks while claiming to stop racism.  The whole WOKE movement and cancel culture is ridiculous and racist. 

        Hiring quotas are totally racist.  Any affirmative action based on skin color is racist by definition.  These hiring guidelines hurt everyone including blacks because blacks are put in positions they may not be able to handle.  Are these hiring quotas implying blacks are not smart enough to compete on a level playing field?  That is racist.  

        College admissions that consider skin color are totally racist.  These standards hurt both the qualified and unqualified applicants.  If an unqualified black is admitted to collage, it is naive to think that individual can maintain an acceptable performance.

        Some colleges are so racist that they designate certain areas as safe spaces where whites are not allowed.  It is hard to imagine any school policy that promotes racial hatred that way. 

        President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society did more to hurt the black community than anything since slavery.  This program enslaved blacks to a life of poverty and despair.  It broke up the traditional family, took away good work ethics, and made blacks more dependent on the government than God.

        I had hopes President Obama would stop the racial divide, but he made it worse.  He told blacks that their failures were not their fault and they had no personal responsibility.  The Left says that blacks are so stupid and irresponsible they can’t obtain an ID to vote.

        I am not saying there are no white supremacists, because they do exist.  The good news is that they are rare and they have not been violent. 

        On the Left we have Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA which should be designated as domestic terrorist movements.  They have committed murder and destroyed black communities.  They care nothing about black lives. 

        Talk of equity and reparations are totally racist.  Why should people be forced to pay for past sins they had nothing to do with based on the color of their skin?  Equality is guaranteed under the Constitution.  Unfortunately, the Left would like to dispose of the Constitution.

        Teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools is the most racist thing happening in our country today.  This tells blacks they are inferior and not responsible for their own future.   It tells all whites that they are racist because of the color of their skin.  It is pure propaganda brainwashing our youth and further dividing the country on race.

        We have to stop the racial divide.  Racial division has become a political tool used by the elite for political and financial gain, while they talk big and keep their communities gated.         

        Martin Luther King Jr. was a non-violent civil rights activist.  He dreamt of a time when people would be judged on their character and not the color of their skin.  That time is now.

        I am sick and tired of the racism.  We must stop promoting it.  I have refused to mark any race on any survey for years.  I leave it blank or mark N/A.  Think about doing the same.  We are all Americans.  Let’s act like it. 


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


October 18, 2022

Get A Job  

        I was raised on a farm.  My father thought getting a good education and going to work for a big company was the best way to be set for life. 

        Graduating from high school was what Dad considered a good education.  He thought job security was such that I could retire from the company worked for.  Working for a big corporation was a good option in the 1940s and 1950s.  The 1950’s probably were one of the greatest times of prosperity for the United States.

        A job was good for my brother who was nineteen years older than me.  After WW II, he went to work for Douglas Aircraft, which became McDonald Douglas, and later Boeing. 

        Labor was represented by United Auto Workers. Bob retired at sixty-one with full a pension and benefits.  He told me when he was eighty-three that he had received more money from his pension than he had received in wages for all the years he had worked.  We may never see that again.  The plant is now closed.

        If you are unemployed, it may be even harder to get a job.  Some human resource departments have a policy of only hiring people that are currently employed. 

        If you want a stable career, consider learning a trade.  Trade school is an attractive option compared to a four-year college degree.  A four-year collage degree is very expensive and many are worthless.  A degree in basket weaving, gender studies or art history will not be a good investment. 

        Once, when I was a plant manager for a small manufacturing plant in a small Midwest town, I needed a new office manager.  I had an applicant who’d been a bank manager in town.  He’d been let go because of a merger.  While definitely overqualified, I still felt he was a good prospect.  He lived in town and he didn’t want to move.  He would be taking a cut in pay, but was financially independent because of his past career and family money.  

        My corporate management did not consider him the best choice because of his over-qualification.  I hired him anyway.  He worked out well, and with my recommendation, he took over as my replacement for plant manager when I left the company.  Unfortunately, many HR departments don’t feel the same way I do about overqualified and unemployed potential employees.

        “Get a Job” is chapter two in my book Business Fits.  It goes into greater detail on this subject.


Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


October 11, 2022


        I just read Candace Owens’ book Blackout.  I highly recommend it. 

        Candace Owens is a black female that is called a racist, white supremacist, and an Uncle Tom according to the Left.  Democrats hate any black conservative.  They think every black should vote Democrat.  To quote President Biden, “If you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t black.”

        Candice addresses many social and political issues in her book, but her primary goal is to free blacks from the current Democratic plantation.  The Democratic Party has always used and abused the black community. 

        Democrats have always attempted to control blacks.  Only the tactics have changed.  The physical force of slave owners is no longer used. 

        The Democratic Party has always been a racist party. 

  • They were the Party of slavery.
  • They were the Party of the Ku Klux Klan
  • They were the Party of Jim Crow
  • They were the party of segregation

        Some people think that all changed with President Johnson signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  What did LBJ mean when he said. “I’ll have those N*****s voting Democrat for 200 years.” 

        LBJ was talking about his Great Society agenda.  This was a progressive idea of expanding welfare to enslave the black community and obligate blacks to vote Democrat.

        Candace points out in her book how the black community actually did much better economically, socially, and culturally before the Great Society welfare.  Blacks put Family, God, and Country first.   They took personal responsibility for their lives and had a good work ethic. 

        Democrats and welfare have destroyed all that.  We now have black urban areas with crime in the streets, and no fathers in the family.   We now have three or more generations living on welfare with no hope of improving their future.

        Candace also points out and explains how ALL affirmative action was destructive to blacks.  This is true in both employment and education. 

        The Democrat party wants to keep blacks on the government tit so they feel dependant on welfare and will vote Democrat.  Candace wants to change that. 


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


October 4, 2022

“An Entrepreneur’s Thoughts”

This was published in the February 1985 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine

          Being an entrepreneur and being in business for yourself may seem to be the quick and easy way to fame and fortune, but it can be frustrating.  An entrepreneur must have a great deal of tenacity. 

          I felt quite comfortable starting my entrepreneurial venture.  It involved marketing, franchising, and automobiles.  I had a BBA and MBA in marketing, I had franchise experience and I had been an automobile dealer.  I even took the Entrepreneurial Test and scored 93%.

          I had an idea that I had played with for more than ten years.  It was quite unique, and it took me the first eight years to get the concept to a workable point.  I then spent all my spare time for the next two years working on market research and developing the concept. 

          At this point I was convinced that the market for my concept was virtually unlimited.  I felt it satisfied the largest unfilled consumer need in this country.  I was all set.  I went to work full-time with the project in order to fund it. 

          I worked with banks, accountants, venture capitalists, the SBA, and investment companies.  No one ever questioned the concept.  Typical comments were, “This is fantastic and it will work, but it does not meet our criteria.” or “The economy is just too bad.”  It was just too unique. 

          For financial reasons, I had to work out of my home.  I find this frustrating because I don’t have the office equipment or secretarial help that I am used to having available.  There is just too much to do and too little time.  I hate lunchtime and nighttime because I can’t get a hold of people and have to quit working. 

          Most frustrating is the attitude of some friends, neighbors, and relatives.  To some of them, I am just someone who is out of a job and doesn’t have anything to do all day except sit home and watch soaps on TV.  This is very frustrating because I have a strong work ethic, and I know I do more in a day than most of them do in a week.

          I have now been full time on the project for eight months, and it is not off the ground yet.  Money is running out.  My banker tells me to get a job because I have given it “my best shot”.  My wife is concerned about money, and that creates more pressure. 

          Is it time to quit?  No way!  Somebody has to do it and I’m that person. 

          And I do know that when the project is a success, people will look at me and talk about how I “hit it lucky.”

Terry O. Lee


September 27, 2022

Vice President   

        Kamala Harris is the current Vice President of the United States of America.  Below is a quote from her on 02/16/2021.  The left wing “fact checkers” say it is not true, but what would you expect from the biggest spreaders of disinformation in the history of our country?  They told us that the Russia hoax was true and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

“The United States government cannot continue to pay for every need of what has become a special class of citizen.  Veterans are equal to us, not better than.  Veterans Affairs coddles them.  It creates a dependency on us which is not doing these former solders any good.  They need to learn to live on their own and be responsible adults.  The easiest way to assist them is to cut them off.”

        Kamala went on to say the money could be used to help illegal immigrants.  This is insane.

        Joe Biden is undeniably the worst President in the history of the country.  He clearly does not have the mental capacity to be President, but I hope he hangs on as Kamala would be even worse.

        The next in line would be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Biden is not capable of forming a coherent sentence, but listen to Harris and Pelosi.  They can’t either. 

We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.

Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


September 20, 2022

Business Fits Introduction  

        If you expect me to describe to you the perfect business that cannot fail, forget it; there is no such thing.  No single business fits every person’s goals and talents.  No business fits in every geographic area.  No business fits every individual’s financial resources.

        There are many reasons for owning your own business.  The most common is to just control your own destiny.  Maybe you just want to create a job for yourself. Some of you are just looking for an investment.  A few of you want to build a business empire.  There are hundreds of other reasons.  I hope this book can help you find the right option to meet your individual goals.

        Some of you think you already know the direction you want to go and are just looking for help in certain areas.  For example, you may want to turn a hobby into a full-time business and are just looking for financing. 

        You are now tempted to read only the chapters on independent start-up businesses and financing.  Please don’t make this mistake.  Read the entire book,  You don’t know what you don’t know.  You may discover that an independent start-up business does not meet your goals.

        Starting a business can be frustrating and expensive.  I started a business in 1984.  I worked out of my home.  I had attorneys, accountants, and bank trust officers all working pro bono.  I put in some long hours.  Once I worked thirty-six hours straight to complete some financial projections. 

        Late into the hours of a particularly frustrating night, jotted down my thoughts.  The next morning, I typed them up and sent them to Entrepreneur Magazine.  Entrepreneur published “An Entrepreneur’s Thoughts” in the February 1985 edition. 


September 13, 2022

Money Laundering

        Laundering money is a crime, and it is a crime that promotes other crime.  If you deposit $10,000 or more in a bank account, the bank reports it to the government.  When I was in the collector car business, some clients would buy cars as an investment.  Some were only interested in cars under $10,000.  It was obvious they were going to pay in cash and did not want the government to know about the transaction. 

        The IRS wants to add 87,000 more agents, and they want to arm them.  The IRS will be coming after you, and they will not limit their investigations to transactions of over $10,000.  

        Criminals like drug cartels and Islamic terrorists deal in large amounts of cash.  The problem is that money is of little value as cash.  A drug cartel may have a bundle of $100 bills the size of a hay bail, but it is not spendable like that.  It has to be laundered.

        What do you think should happen to people that launder money for drug cartels and Islamic terrorists?  They are committing a crime that aids crimes that kill hundreds.  I think life in prison or the death penalty sounds reasonable.  How about you?

        HSBC bank is a large international bank.  It is the largest in Europe and has offices in the US.  In 2012 HSBC Bank in the US plead guilty to laundering money for drug cartels and Islamic terrorists.

        The bank paid a fine of $1.9 billion to the US government.  Part of the plea deal was that no one involved with this crime would be prosecuted.   It was just not right to condone a crime against humanity like this.  

        Who were these criminals?  Some of them were Cheryl Mills, Sandy Berger, Lorretta Lynch, James Comey, and Robert Mueller.  That’s right.  They all are part of the Obama/Clinton corrupt deep state establishment. 

        These people should have been incarcerated for life, but instead went on to powerful positions in government. How could this happen?  Why was it not the lead story for every newspaper an TV network in the country?  


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


September 6, 2022


          My dedication for my book Business Fits:

This book is dedicated to all the small farmers and the small town business owners that played a huge part in making this country great.  Unfortunately, they are both disappearing.


          I was raised on a farm in northwest Iowa.  The average farm was 160 acres or a quarter section.  This meant there were four farmsteads on every section of land.  Many of these farms provided a living for a traditional family consisting of a husband, wife, and two or more children. 

        Farms were diverse to provide a consistent living with changing markets and prices.  Crops included corn, soy beans, oats, hay, and pasture.  Most farmers raised cows, pigs, and chickens.  Large gardens and orchards provided much of the family’s food.  These farms produced food. 

        The small town merchants supplied the goods and services the farmers needed. They were productive and filled a need.

        Several things had a high priority for all these people.  They put family, God, and country first.  Education was high on the list for their children, and the quality of education was very good. 

        Honesty was very important.  A person’s word was very important.  A person’s word meant more than a written contract in many cases. 

        My Father farmed the land I was raised on for sixteen years.  There was a written agreement with the land owner the first year.  The next fifteen were done on a handshake.

        People had a strong work ethic.  They did not look to the government for a handout.  The poor, disabled, and handicapped were taken care of locally.  There was alcohol and drunks, but very little drugs or crime compared to today.

        I feel so lucky to have grown up in this time period.  It was a great time to be a kid.  Now entire sections of farm land do not have a single building.  As population decreases, businesses close, and small towns die.  We have lost an important part of our society.

        Too many people get rich in today’s society without ever producing anything.  The stock market makes many people rich, but produces nothing. 

        We have 5% of the world’s population and 70% of the world’s attorneys.  Many never produce a service or product with any value.

        Teacher’s unions no longer put the children first.  Kids are indoctrinated instead of educated.  Small fortunes are spent on four-year college degrees that are totally worthless, and then graduates that do not have the skills to make a living want the government to pay off their loans.

        The federal government has grown totally out of control, and is inefficient at best.  Most of their regulations hamper rather than help or assist business.  Welfare and give-a-ways increase with hope of buying votes.  Politicians that produce nothing become millionaires.    


“No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.”  Thomas Sowell


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


August 30, 2022

Amendment IV

          The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        This amendment is part of what is normally referred to as the Bill of Rights.  The founding Fathers knew how they been treated by the British and wanted to protect this God given right.  It is very clear and easy to understand. 

        Now let’s take a look at the Search Warrant used to raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home:

Property to be seized

Any government and/or Presidential Records created between January 20, 2017 and Januar4y 20, 2020. as well as any other containers/boxes that are collectively stored or found together with the afore mentioned documents and containers/boxes.

          Any literate person of reasonable intelligence can clearly see that this search warrant violates the 4th Amendment and is illegal.  It is simply a fishing exposition to harass Trump.  I don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent; you have to be appalled by this type of government over-reach and corruption.

        The affidavit for the warrant to raid Trump’s home has been released.  Over half of it has been redacted.  This cover-up proves that the search warrant was in violation of the 4th Amendment and should be prosecuted as a felony,

        What are we going to do about the corrupt politicization of the FBI and DOJ?  This can’t be allowed to continue if our Constitutional republic is going to survive.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


August 23, 2022

How Do You Make Money?   

I am only going to address legal ways to make money.  I will not discuss either private or public organized crime.  The private sector could involve jail time which is not attractive.   In the public sector, we have too many people going to Congress as paupers and leaving as millionaires. 

There are five ways a business makes money. 

  1. With a special skill or talent.

If you are a medical doctor or surgeon, people come to you.  Some other special skills might be; veterinarians, land surveyors, lobbyists, and in some cases lawyers.  Congratulations if you fall into any of these groups. 

  1. Having money to invest.

Many of us have money invested in a savings account, stocks, bonds, or a 401K, but it does not generate enough income to live.

If you have enough money, you can invest it wisely in a business and make money.  You may or may not want to be personally involved in the business.  Both options are available

  1. With employees.

If you have enough employees working for you and those employees are efficient in their jobs, you should make money from each employee’s efforts.

Employees may be skilled or unskilled, but in either case you must be able to manage those employees.  Employees are human and do not always do what they should.  Some people cannot manage employees even with a good system. 

  1. Selling.

If you don’t have a lot of money and or employees, you have to be able to sell.  A good sales system can help, but not everyone can sell.  

I have had clients say, “I can sell if it is something I believe in.”  This is a false premise.  Handling rejection is a big part of sales, and when you believe strongly in your product or service, the rejection is even more devastating. 

In reality, most businesses involve some combination of 2, 3, & 4.  Number 1 could still require the other 3. 

Every business has to be marketed.  A good web site or newspaper ad will not do it.  I have seen people spend their money on a great web site without a complete marketing plan to drive potential customers to the site.

“How Do You Make Money?” is chapter 5 in my book Business Fits.  More information is available there. 


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


August 16, 2022

Democrat Party Gestapo  

We have never seen the amount of corruption in our federal government that we are witnessing today.  Enough is enough.   

Government agencies have been turned into a political Gestapo for the Left.  All the intelligence agencies have been corrupted, and even others like the IRS.  The IRS is adding 87,000 new agents and arming them.   They are not needed and certainly don’t need to be armed.         

The FBI and Department of Justice are the worst.  There is no excuse for their criminal actions targeting Donald Trump and anyone who supports him while all Democrats go free and their crimes are covered up.  

Trump and Trump supporters have been submitted to raids of their homes, strip searches, and been put in shackles in public arrests.  This has never happened to a Democrat. 

The FBI raid on President Trumps Mar-A-Lago home is a crime in itself.  I hope this is a step too far for the Democrats.  It should wake people up and guarantee the Democrats losing the House and Senate in November.  It may even guarantee Trump’s election in 2024.

Nobody in the history of this country has been investigated more, or had more false claims and lies against him than Donald Trump.  Even after all this he is cleaner than any of the people trying to frame him. 

Our justice system demands people be investigated that are suspected of a crime.  It does not allow investigating people to look for a crime.  This is what has been done with Trump. 

Attorney General Garland says we need to trust the FBI and DOJ to treat everyone equally under the law.  These are the same people that have called parents domestic terrorists.  They have manufactured evidence, altered documents, used illegal surveillance, and lied to the courts and Congress, including the Fisa Court.  They said the Steele dossier was real and Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.  Why should we ever trust them again? 

I used to say that there were only a few politically corrupt people at the top of the FBI and DOJ that needed to be replaced.  The corruption has gone past that now.  Any person that has participated or condoned the political corruption attempting to hurt Donald Trump or his supporters has to be fired and in some cases prosecuted.  “I was just following orders” is no longer an acceptable excuse.  Everyone must be held accountable.  

If we had equal justice, there are many people with clear evidence of crimes that should be in jail.  Nobody should be above the law. They include:  

  • FBI Director, James Comey
  • S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch
  • FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe
  • FBI Deputy Director of Counterintelligence, Peter Strzok
  • FBI attorney, Lisa Page
  • FBI General Counsel, James Baker
  • DOJ Senior Official, Bruce Ohr
  • Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper
  • Director of CIA, John O. Brennan
  • IRS Director, Lois Lerner
  • S. Attorney General, Eric H. Holder Jr.
  • National Security Advisor, Susan Rice
  • Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton
  • FBI Director, Christopher Wray
  • Attorney General, Merrick Garland
  • Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden
  • President, Joe Biden

        It is about time our justice system does its job. 


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.

Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


August 9, 2022


E.S.G. is the acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance.  This policy gives unelected federal bureaucrats in Washington the right to control business and industry.     

The government recommends that banks and financial institutions not do business with people or companies that do not meet their expectations because  of an environmental and social score.

Using E.S.G scores, the government can and do control and regulate our freedoms that they cannot get approval for though Congress.  Taking away second amendment rights is one example.

I personally know of one example involving a firearms manufacturer.  The company was planning on building a new manufacturing facility.  The company was solid and the numbers looked good.  

Most major banks were not interested in making the loan.  The problem was that a company manufacturing firearms did not score well with E.S.G. criteria.  

I do not know how the government enforces or promotes E.S.G, but it is a political tool that is unconstitutional in my opinion.  The federal government does not have the right to use finance institutions to control businesses for political purposes.

The Environmental, Social and Governance overreach of the federal government must stop.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


August 2, 2022

Act of War    

100,000 people in this country are killed by fentanyl every year, because of intentional agenda by China.  Why is it not an act of war? 

China ships the fentanyl raw materials to Mexico, and the cartels cut other narcotics with it.  Sometimes the cartels even make counterfeit pills of pure fentanyl.

The cartels then smuggle the fentanyl and other drugs into the US, with the help of the Left and the Biden administration’s open border policy.  If the fentanyl problem is intentional and an act of war, Biden’s open boarder policy is treason. 

We must take military action against the Cartels and the fentanyl crisis.  China is using it as a cold war strategy and they are winning. 

Many common medications, like aspirin and ibuprofen, are made in China.  What is stopping China from spiking them with fentanyl? 

The open border also helps fund the cartels by promoting human trafficking, which is a crime against humanity.  Rape is commonplace.  There is more slavery now, due to the open border, than at any time since the Civil War. 

The open border policy has become a national security threat.  It is destroying our economy.  It is a crime against humanity for both US citizens and illegal immigrants.  It must stop.

The border must be secure, the cartels must be neutralized. And we must stop China from killing our people with fentanyl.  This is war. 

The United States has not won a decisive military victory in decades.  It is about time. 


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


July 26, 2022

Obama’s 3rd,4th & 5th Term    

Why is Biden President?  He always was a corrupt career politician with no achievements.  He also clearly had dementia by the time he was elected President.  People that voted for Biden were uninformed, didn’t want the truth, or most likely just hated Trump.  

But why did the political elite push Biden? Obama said publicly; “Biden has ability to F**k things up”.  Who is controlling Biden?  He certainly is not capable of rational thinking. 

Is this actually Obama’s third term?  Why does Obama still have offices in DC?  No previous President has ever done this.  Valerie Jared and Eric Holder still appear to be working with Obama.  Obama has also been quoted as saying he would like a third term if he could do it though a “front man” while he was in his basement in his sweats. 

IS Biden just the front man?  The obvious theory is that Obama is controlling Biden.  Valerie Jared is controlling Obama, and George Soros is controlling Valerie Jared. 

Obama’s fourth and fifth term as President could be through Michelle Obama running for president.  The Democratic Party cannot run on their policies or history.  Crime, inflation, gas prices, border security, and foreign policy are all a disaster. 

The list of qualified Democrat candidates to replace Biden is short or even nonexistent.  Democrats may try to win by dividing the country into special interests again.  Michelle Obama has a lot going for her.  She has name recognition.  Barack is still very popular.  Most importantly, she is a black female.

Michelle as President.  SCARY!


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


July 19, 2022

The Pelican Brief   

The Pelican Brief is a 1992 John Grisham novel and a 1993 film.  Both are very good and worth your time.

The plot involves land development, an endangered species, and the assassination of a Supreme Court justice.  It shows what happens when special interests use the Supreme Court as a legislative branch of government. 

The only job of the Supreme Court is to enforce the Constitution, its Amendments, and any legal laws passed by Congress.  They must ensure states’ rights and the people’s freedom.

We now have a similar crisis facing this country.  The radical left want to use the Supreme Court as a legislative branch of government. 

The left and Democrats can’t sell their policies and propaganda because the American people know how they are hurting the country.  They want to try an end run that is illegal because they can’t get their way legally. 

If they can assassinate a conservative Supreme Court Justice, Biden is still president and will certainly nominate another liberal idiot.  If they can take over the Supreme Court, they can take over the country. 

There has already been an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh.  State and federal laws make it a felony to stalk, threaten, harass, picket, or protest a judge.  One radical Left organization is paying a bounty for anyone who locates and reports a CONSERVATIVE Supreme Justice out in public.   This is a crime.

No one is enforcing these laws.  The FBI, Department of Justice, and the White house openly support these illegal protests.

The three liberal idiot justices on the Supreme Court are perfectly safe.  No one would hurt them.

Are these laws going to be enforced before it is too late and Biden appoints a replacement for an assassinated Supreme Court Justice?


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.    

Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


July 12, 2022


Here are some definitions of “ideologue”:

  • An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic
  • An often blindly partisan advocate or adherent to a particular ideology
  • An impractical idealist
  • A theorist
  • A zealous advocate or adherent of an ideology
  • Someone who very strongly supports and is guided by the ideology of a particular group
  • A person who believes strongly in particular principles and tries to follow them carefully

Here are some of the synonyms listed:

  • Fanatic
  • Crusader
  • Militant
  • Partisan
  • Zealot

        One common element that is omitted from all definitions of an ideologue is any reference to facts or science.  We have many examples in our country today.

        Climate advocates support the green new deal in spite of the facts showing humans have little or no effect on the climate.  The war on fossil fuels is adding to inflation and there is no possible renewable energy solution in the foreseeable future.  Ideologues say the science is settled and won’t even discuss the facts.

        Open border advocates continue their ideology in spite of the lives lost of both citizens and illegals.  These illegals cannot hold jobs legally and could destroy our economy. 

        Ideologues advocating additional gun legislation are promoting mass shootings.  Enforcing current gun legislation is enough.  We need to address the real problems.  Law enforcement, prosecutors, the courts, and social workers are not doing their jobs. 

        We need to stop worrying about hurting these ideologue’s feelings.  We must face facts and put ideologues in their place.  Forget about political implications.  These ideologues are a small minority.  They should NOT be running and ruining the country.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


July 5, 2022

If you can keep it   

Benjamin Franklin was asked. “What do we have, a republic or a monarchy?”  Franklin responded. “A republic, if you can keep it.”    

Most of our Founding Fathers considered the new democratic republic an experiment.  They devised the greatest government in the history of the world.   We celebrate it every July 4th

The key to our success is the Constitution.  It clearly defines the powers given to the federal government and which powers are given to the states and the people.  The 10th Amendment clarifies the limited powers of the federal government.  We have violated these limits and they need to be corrected. 

The Constitution also clearly defines the balance of power between Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.  The Congress makes the laws and sets the budget.  The President enforces the laws.  The Supreme Court insures that the Constitution is followed.

Our federal government has taken liberties with the limits spelled out in the Constitution.  It has grown to a behemoth size and infringed on the rights of the states and the people.

The Congress wastes time on political agendas and hoaxes.  The President does not enforce the laws. The Supreme Court legislates from the bench. 

We must always put the Constitution first if we are going to keep the republic.  We cannot put political and individual agendas above the Constitution. 

Supreme Court justices are not elected and are appointed for life.  If five of them are allowed to legislate from the bench in direct contradiction of the Constitution, the republic is lost. 

The original Roe v. Wade decision was a perfect example of a terrible decision that clearly was a states’ rights issue.  It took fifty years to correct it.  I don’t care if you are pro life or pro choice; it is a state by state issue.

If the federal government does not start following the Constitution, we will not be able to keep our republic.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


June 21, 2022

Recent Hoaxes   

The Russia hoax was a crime.  It wasted millions of dollars and thousands of Congressional hours.  It was totally partisan politics intended to discredit, hamper, and/or impeach President Trump. 

We know it was all a lie and a crime and that hardly anybody has gone to jail.  I doubt they ever will.


COVID was the next hoax.  The pandemic was real enough, but how the government handled it had nothing to do with health or science. 

We were told the vaccines were 100% safe and effective.  We now know that was a lie. 

Masks were another thing we could not trust.  Masks help in stopping germs like the flu or the common cold but most are not effective against COVID.

We do know the lockdowns were not effective.  We also know shutting down schools did irrevocable damage to an entire generation of children.


Black Lives Matter is a hoax and a scam.  BLM doesn’t give a dam about black lives.  It’s all about the WOKE movement, a power grab by the Left, and making money.  I find it had to believe how many people and corporations were conned into giving them money. 


The January 6th hearings are a travesty of injustice. This was a peaceful and justified demonstration that got out of control. Speaker Pelosi refused to take common sense steps to protect the Capital.  FBI plants promoted storming the Capital.

The only person who was killed in the Capital on January 6th was an unarmed female veteran who was threatening no one.  The black Capital policeman who murdered her has been completely exonerated.

The hearings are total political theater.  They are so bad that I have seen better in local community theaters. 

I am disgusted that Republicans have done nothing to free people from January 6th who have been held in solitary confinement for more than a year in total violation of their Constitutional rights.

The Democrats are making a desperate attempt to invent a crime that President Trump committed.  At the least they want to bar him from running for President in 2024.  They have nothing of substance to run on and know no amount of election fraud could defeat Trump if he runs in 2024.


Climate change and the green new deal is a hoax that been perpetuated for decades.  Make no mistake; the green new deal has nothing to do with climate change.  It is all about a global economy, wealth redistribution, and political power.

It is naive to think human actions can control the climate.  We can’t even accurately predict the weather.

We are and will be dependent on fossil fuels for decades.    Luckily, we have a supply that will last hundreds of years.

There is no way we are ready to change over to renewable energy at this time.  Wind and solar power amount to only about 12% of our energy needs and are unreliable. 

We don’t have the raw materials or capability to produce the batteries needed to operate vehicles or store energy produced from wind or solar.  One of the biggest problems is disposal of old batteries, solar panels, or wind turbine props.  At this time there is no recycling of these parts, and we certainly do not have the land fill capacity or technology to safely dispose of them.


All four of these recent hoaxes have nothing to do with science or the facts.  They are all about maintaining political power for the Left and the establishment from both political parties.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


June 21, 2022

Better Life  

Open border advocates say all that illegal immigrants want is a better life.  How can they get a better life?  They have to have a job for a better life, and employing an illegal immigrant is breaking the law.

I remember a federal law being passed prohibiting the employment of illegals in the early 1970s.  I owned the Ford Mercury dealership, Lee Motors, at the time and took the law very seriously.  I remember the potential fine as $10,000.  I told my office manager to verify and document that all our employees were legal. 

The current Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed in 1986.  Fines for unknowingly hiring an illegal worker range from $100 to $1,000.  Fines for knowingly hiring an illegal worker double to $200 to $2,000.

  • First time offenders can be fined $250 to $2,000 per illegal worker.
  • Second time offenders can be fined $2,000 to $5,000 per illegal worker.
  • A employer with three or more offences of hiring illegal workers can be fined $3,000 to $10,000 per

If the law were being enforced, it would not make sense for most employers to hire illegal workers.   If illegals can’t work, how do they live?   If illegals cannot support themselves, US citizens must support them with their taxes.  With millions of illegals crossing the southern border, how can this continue?

President Biden has failed to keep his Oath of Office and enforce our laws. This should be grounds for impeachment. 

The White House, FBI, and Department of Justice no longer enforce our laws equally.  They have been transformed into partisan political organizations promoting the Left and jailing conservatives.  How long will we put up with this?


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


June 14, 2022 

Incompetent & Crooks

         I don’t know how many of these people you are familiar with, but you should know them all. 

  • Joe Biden, President
  • Kamala Harris, Vice President
  • Merrick B. Garland, Attorney General
  • Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary
  • Antony Blinken, Secretary of State
  • Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense
  • Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury
  • Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation
  • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
  • Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader
  • Dianne Feinstein, US Senator
  • Mitt Romney, US Senator
  • Liz Cheney, US Congresswoman
  • Alex Ocasio-Cortez, US Congresswoman
  • Adam Kinzinger, US Congressman
  • Jerry Nadler, US Congressman
  • Ilhan Omar, US Congresswoman
  • Adam Shiff, US Congressman
  • Maxine Waters, US Congresswoman
  • John Kerry, Presidential envoy for climate

        These are some of the people who are incompetent and/or crooks serving in the top levels of our federal government.  I hope I would be smart enough not to hire any of these people for even the most menial job. 

        I understand that sometimes we feel we have to vote for the least of the evils, but this is not an acceptable option.  We have to do a better job finding qualified candidates.  We must get more involved in primary elections.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.

Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


June 7, 2022

Mass Shootings

         We have seen an increase of mass shootings in the last couple decades.  What is the cause and how do we change it? 

        This is a complex problem with no easy solution.  Any time a political group says there is an easy solution, we know they are lying. 

        Democrats always say they should never let a good crisis go to waste.  But, using the death of nineteen elementary students to advance a political agenda and raise money for their Party is a disgrace.  People like President Biden and Beto O’Rourke both did this showing what despicable human beings they are.

        More gun legislation is a unconstitutional and would do nothing to stop mass shootings.  Criminals don’t care about laws.  That is why they are called outlaws. 

        Additional gun legislation will not stop outlaws.  It will only take away the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.

        Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.  How are they working?  Over Memorial Day weekend, 47 were shot and 9 have died.  Any moron can see that more gun legislation will not stop gun violence.

        There are several common denominators behind mass shootings. 

  • Liberal prosecutors and judges don’t enforce current laws. 
  • Current bail laws promote crime
  • Most offenders are young males.
  • Most offenders are from dysfunctional homes.
  • Most offenders display many red flags.
  • Schools are not secure.
  • Gun Free Zones invite mass shooters.

        Things that can and should be considered include:

  • Enforce current laws preventing crime.
  • Convicted felons using guns in committing new crimes should be kept in jail.
  • Eliminate current bail reform that puts criminals back on the street.
  • Secure schools with one entrance/exit and armed
  • Address and treat mentally ill individuals who have shown violent tendencies.
  • Eliminate Gun Free Zones.
  • Train and promote canceled carry for some teachers and staff.
  • Promote traditional homes with a father.
  • Teach and return to Judah Christian values that made this country great.
  • Stop political division that is ruining this country.
  • Vote anyone out of office who promotes useless and unconstitutional gun legislation.

We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


May 31, 2022 

Dividing America

 When President Obama was elected, I did not expect much from him, but I did expect him to improve race relations.  I was wrong.  He did everything he could to divide the country on race.  

 President Biden promised to unite the country, but he has continued to divide the country on race, sex and anything else he can come up with. 

 According to America First Legal President Stephen Miller;

“Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project are not only works of historical fiction, they are poisonous ideologies designed to separate and divide Americans by ethnicity and race.”  

He is totally correct.

        The Democratic agenda is twofold:

  1. Divide the country into special interest groups.
  2. Promote the delusional anti-Trump hoax.

They have nothing else to run on.

Democrat Party leaders will do anything to stay in power.  They are so corrupt that they no longer care about the American people.  They have become the party of hate, division, hypocrisy, and socialism.

Democrats and the lame-steam media jump to support people like Smollet’s racist hoax.   Smollet should have gotten 15 years instead of 150 days.  Justice is not equal for conservatives and liberals.

The WOKE movement, teacher’s unions, and Cancel Culture dupe white liberals and use them to divide the country. 

Democrats support destructive organizations like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.  These organizations should be designated as domestic terrorists.  I wonder how liberals feel about being conned into supporting a totally corrupt BLM who cares nothing about black lives.

Will the Democratic Party continue to divide the country?  Will the Party survive?  Will they gain power and implement their Marxist agenda?


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


May 24, 2022 

Ministry of Truth

 The Ministry of Truth is one of the four ministries in George Orwell’s book 1984.  Orwell wrote the fictional novel in 1949.  Or was it fiction?  The predictions are a little scary when compared to today’s political world. 

 The Ministry of Truth was about suppressing the truth.  It was intended to spread propaganda and indoctrinate the public.  The objective was to stop any free speech.  Speaking the truth could result in death.

 The Left and the Biden administration recently tried to establish a Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security.  The intent of this department was just like the Ministry of Truth in 1984.  It was to limit or eliminate freedom of speech.  Nothing would have been allowed that was counter to the Left’s political agenda.  It also was responsible for spreading the lies of the ruling elite.

 The Disinformation Governance Board was to be headed by Nina Jankowicz.  Nina is a left-wing dingbat that certainly is a disinformation expert.  She lied about COVID, Russia, Trump, and the Biden laptop.

 This Marxist move was too radical in the current America First movement, and has been put “on pause”.  BUT, don’t relax because the Left will try again and will continue to backdoor other restrictions on free speech. 

 If you have not read Orwell’s 1984 in the last 10 or 20 years, it is time to read it again.  I must warn you that if you think about today’s political situation while reading it, you may lose your appetite and not be able to sleep at night.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


May 17, 2022


I have been traveling so this post is short.  I just have a few questions for your contemplation.

  • Why do Democrats fear free speech?
  • Why do Democrats want an open boarder?
  • Why don’t Democrats care about blacks killing blacks?
  • Why do Democrats promote crime in the streets?
  • Why do Democrats want inflation?
  • Why do Democrats allow a small group of WOKE idiots control the Party?
  • Why do Democrats want an oligarchy government instead of a democratic republic?

We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


May 10, 2022

Roe V. Wade

        I am not going to talk about abortion.  It is a complicated issue with strong emotions on both sides.  It also has become a political tool. 

        I am going to talk about the Constitution, states’ rights, division of power, and the democratic process of this great republic.  The Constitution and the 10th Amendment make it obvious, even to a layman, that that the federal government has no authority to deal with abortion.  This issue is clearly the responsibility of the states or citizens.

        The Constitution also clearly defines the responsibility and authority of the three branches of the federal government.  The Congress makes the laws and sets the budget. 

        The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the laws and not making them.  Someone should tell President Biden this. 

        The Supreme Court is responsible for insuring that the Constitution is not violated.  They do not have any authority to legislate or promote any political agenda.

        Roe V. Wade was a Supreme Court decision in 1973.  It is probably the worst decision in fifty years.  It is a political decision that violates the Constitution and states rights.

        Someone leaked a document that appears to overturn Roe V. Wade.  Whoever did this is part of the delusional WOKE mob and is trying to influence the Supreme Court Justices to change their mind.

        Whoever committed this act needs to be fired, disbarred, never allowed to practice law, and prosecuted for their crimes.  It is a felony to try to intimidate a judge.  We cannot allow a small delusional

mob threaten our Supreme Court Justices. 

        The decision leaked does not ban abortion.  It is all about the Constitution and states rights.  Here is some of the conclusion: 

“The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion.”

“Roe and Casey abrogated the authority.  We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives.”

          This does not ban abortion. It means the people will have the right to vote on how abortion is to be regulated in their state.  Rule by the people and their elected representative is how a democratic republic works.

        Allowing the Supreme Court to violate the Constitution, the federal division of power, and states rights was a huge mistake in 1973.  It is about time this mistake was corrected. 

        When the liberal Left is protesting the decision, they are denying the Constitution, states rights, and citizens the right to vote.   They are giving all the power to a political oligarchy.   This leads to tyranny, not democracy.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


May 3, 2022

Penny Frugal – Dollar Stupid 

When I was 19 years old, I worked for a relative who ran a liquid fertilizer plant.  Before the spring rush started we were installing a 10,000 gallon upright tank at a CO-OP elevator.

The tank came in by rail so there was a train, engineer and conductor involved.  A crane and crane operator were needed.  There were also three of us from the plant and everyone was being paid by the hour.

Everyone was there on time and the rock base was ready for the tank to be installed.  The CO-OP manager wanted to tar the bottom of the tank, which was a good idea.  The problem was he did not want to ruin a good broom to do it. 

Everyone stood around, on-the-clock, while he found an old broom.  Saving that $10 broom cost him over a thousand dollars.  That is penny frugal – dollar stupid. 


One of the restaurants in our area was recently sold.  The new owners will not accept any gift certificates from the previous owners.  A $50 gift certificate is redeemed in food and drinks and does not cost the restaurant $50.  Margins on drinks should be very good. 

Redeeming the gift certificate creates good will, additional business, traffic, and tips for the staff.  It is a win–win and a much better investment than any of their other advertising or promotions.  

Refusing to honor the gift certificate is terrible public relations.  They have lost a customer, and the dissatisfied customer will tell their friends creating a bad reputation for the new owners. 

The new owners will have to spend ten times the cost of the gift certificate to try to negate the bad will they created by not honoring the gift certificate.  This is another example of penny frugal – dollar stupid. 


In the “Customer Service” chapter in my book Business Fits, I give an example of talking to complaining customers when I was in the Ford-Mercury dealership.  After listening to their complaint, I apologized for any inconvenience and asked what they thought was fair.  Most people did not ask for anything.  They just wanted to be heard and know someone cared.

Check out Business Fits for more details on handling these customer complaints.   Don’t be penny frugal – dollar stupid

 Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


April 26, 2022

Lincoln on Democrats

 “Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us.  You will rule or ruin in all events.”

            This is part of the Cooper Union speech Abraham Lincoln gave at in 1860.  He was not yet the Republican nominee for President at that time.  He felt the southern Democrats were unwilling to compromise. 

        It seems nothing has changed and we do not want to learn from history.  The Democrat policies are destroying the country. 

        The southern boarder, inflation, energy, crime, and foreign policy are all in shambles.  The only solution is to reinstate all of President Trump’s policies, but that will never happen.  

        The WOKE mob and the green new deal ideologues would rather destroy the country and the Constitution than admit Trump was a great President.  The Marxists want to destroy the country so they can rebuild it from the ashes. 

We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


April 12, 2022

Fossil Fuels & the Economy   

The economies of the world run on energy.  Fossil fuels provide the majority of the energy to fuel these economies.  Without fossil fuels, economies decline, jobs disappear, inflation balloons, and the standard of living declines. 

Industry is dependent on transportation which is dependent on gasoline and diesel fuel.  Many products including asphalt roads use petroleum.  We need gas to heat our homes.  Electric vehicles and electric heat are not the answer as the majority of the electricity used is produced by coal and gas.

Batteries to store energy are a problem.  The minerals used to produce them are often mined in countries that are not our friends.  Disposing of the old batteries is also a major problem.  At this time they cannot be recycled and disposal is a major threat to the environment. 

In France, there is a junkyard full of electric cars.  The batteries have given out, and it is too expensive to replace the batteries.  These cars sit in a junkyard because no one will take the old batteries.  They are too toxic, so they just sit and drain into the ground.  At this time there is no solution for the problem. 

The same is true for wind turbines and solar panels.  Everything wears out at some point and what do we do with it?  They are not recyclable and we don’t have or want adequate solid waste sites.  We are not addressing these problems. 

The United States has enough fossil fuel resources to supply our energy needs for hundreds of years.  We need to continue to work on identifying and refining alternative energy sources, but it will be many decades before they will be a viable and dependable source of energy. 

Restricting our production of fossil fuels has caused an increase in gasoline prices and inflation.  It also played an important part in reducing our influence to stop Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

This political war on fossil fuels is a major part of the Green New Deal.  The climate change movement is totally delusional.  Globalists know it is a joke, but are using it to create a new world order and redistribute wealth. 

Is there climate change? Of course.  There has been since the earth was formed and will continue until the earth ends.  The delusion is to think MAN is the cause or can control it. 

I have been watching the so-called climate science for over a decade because I had friends and relatives on both sides of the issue.  I have found zero scientific facts showing man-made emissions cause climate change.  The Left avoids the issue now by saying the science is clear and no longer open to debate.

It is time we stop dancing around this climate hoax and open up fossil fuel production as we continue to work on renewable energy sources.


April 5, 2022

Oscar Slap  

A movie star slapped a comedian at this year’s Oscars.  Who cares?

The Oscars have been going downhill and ratings have been dropping for decades.  The Oscars were bad, but when they started to be political, they lost half of their remaining audience.  Why do they cater to a delusional WOKE minority?  This has to be a losing agenda. 

The Oscars had another problem as the quality and interest in motion pictures has declined.  Pictures have  gotten political, turning off the audience.  The great movies and movie stars are a thing of the past.  There are no John Waynes or Elizabeth Taylors.  

The Oscars have proven themselves irrelevant, so why is the news giving this incident so much coverage?  The media should be covering numerous problems facing the country like:

  • Election integrity
  • Bloated federal government
  • Establishment bureaucrats with no accountability
  • Corruption at the highest levels of our government
  • High gas prices
  • Run-a-way inflation
  • An open border
  • Government spending
  • Government debt
  • Energy dependence
  • Crime out of control
  • Drugs killing thousands
  • Blacks killing blacks
  • War in Ukraine

Is a slap at the Oscars just a diversion to make people ignore our real problems?  Or was the slap staged to create interest in a dying awards event? 


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


March 29, 2022

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is probably the dumbest person to ever serve in a high political office.  It is a travesty that she represents us as our Vice President.  

Kamala’s record as attorney general of California was unimpressive as was her record as a U.S. Senator.  She was the most extreme Leftist in the Senate.  She was a total disaster in her run for President.  She could not even register a couple points in the polls.

Harris has made a lot of mistakes in her political career, and she never seems to learn from them.  She still laughs with that witch’s cackle at totally inappropriate times.  Her speeches show she has no knowledge of economics or how things work.  She can’t deliver a coherent speech, and I don’t think it is the fault of her speech writer.  She can’t seem to keep any competent staff.  I would jump ship too if I were them.  It’s like Kamala is trying to self-destruct.  

We have had many career politicians whose primary goal was personal financial gain.  Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein are just a few who have made millions in politics.  They may have been corrupt and immoral, but they were not dumb.  Kamala is just plain stupid.

Harris accused Biden of a racist history in the Presidential debates, which is true.  Biden is a racist and segregationist, but why would he pick her as his VP?

Kamala’s assignments since becoming vice president have been voter integrity, our southern boarder, and the war in Ukraine.  She has been a total failure with all.  What is she doing with her time?

She always says something meaningless like she is addressing the root cause.  The root cause of most, if not all, of the problems our country faces today are the result of  Biden’s policies. 

Kamala’s dismal failure in her job certainly does not deserve any respect, but she does not agree.  She complains when people do not stand when she enters a room.  This is ridiculous, and of course, she claims it is because everyone is racist. 

Her speeches abroad have been an embarrassment.  She is an embarrassment for Biden, our government, the American people, and our allies.  She is an embarrassment to all women and people of color.  

Kamala should never be allowed to leave the country.  It would be even better if she was locked in a basement.  Hiding in a basement worked for Biden.

Why did Biden pick her for his VP?  She had zero qualifications except she was a woman of color.  Maybe it is because she is so dumb that she makes feeble minded Biden sound smart.

Did Biden pick Kamala for vice president as an insurance policy?  With Biden’s obvious dementia, I never expected him to make it through the first year.  He could have been impeached, removed under the 25th Amendment, or he could have died in his sleep.  None of these seem very attractive with Kamala Harris as Biden’s successor. 

Spiro Agnew was President Nixon’s first VP.  He had to be replaced by Gerald Ford before impeachment proceedings started causing Nixon to resign.  Are there plans to remove and replace Kamala?


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


March 22, 2022

Phone Etiquette

When I was General Manager of Duffy’s Collectible Cars my phone habits got pretty bad.   I got to the point where I was not saying hello or goodbye.  I would just say “Terry” when I answered and hang up when I was done.  Thankfully someone pointed this out to me so I could correct my bad habits.    

In the chapter on “Customer Service” in my book Business Fits, I address returning phone calls. 

“The most important lesson in customer service is that when there is a problem, we must talk to the customer the same day.  No exceptions.  Prompt communication is essential.” 

When I took over as plant manager for a recreational vehicle plant, I discovered some employees were not returning phone calls.  When I asked them about it, they said they knew what the person wanted and didn’t have an answer yet.  I told them that returning the call was more important than the answer.  As described in the book, I took extreme actions to correct the problem. 

A couple things that are common with bad phone etiquette involve leaving voice messages.  The first is how people speak very clearly and slowly when leaving a message until they get to leaving their phone number.  That is rattled off so fast that it is impossible to understand.  People should say the phone number slowly and distinctly, and REPEAT IT. 

The second thing is to wait a couple minutes after leaving a message.  Sometimes a person just can’t get to the phone in time and will call back immediately after hearing the phone message.  It is very frustrating to call back and not get an answer.  If the call is worth making, it is worth waiting a few minutes after leaving the message. 

Some world leaders now will not take a call or return a call from President Biden.  Is this bad phone etiquette, or is it just because he is a joke and no longer considered a world leader?  How did we get in this mess?


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


March 15, 2022

A Frightening Thought

I have a scary thought for you.  The people that are in charge of our involvement in Ukraine are the same people who were in charge of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Afghan withdrawal was a total disaster.  Biden could not have screwed it up any worse if he was trying.  Maybe he was.

Americans and Afghan interpreters died.  Americans and Afghan interpreters and their families were left behind and are still there if they are even still alive. 

We surrendered Bagram military airfield to the Taliban.  We also surrendered $80 billion in military supplies and equipment to them.  There is absolutely no excuse for this. 

Now these same idiots are controlling our involvement in Ukraine.  Russia never should have invaded Ukraine.  Russia invaded countries when Biden, Obama, and George W. Bush were President.  He never made any such attempts while Trump was President.  This is not a coincidence.

The invasion of Ukraine was not a surprise.  It was a distinct possibility since November of 1921 and should have been dealt with then. 

The U.S. was involved with getting Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons with the understanding that we would protect them.  That has not worked out well for Ukraine.

The US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) pushed for Ukraine to become a member nation.  Putin had a huge problem with Ukraine joining NATO.  I can understand why.  Ukraine and Russia share a boarder.  It would be like us allowing Cuba to have nuclear missiles in our back yard.  The idea of Ukraine joining NATO should have been dropped.

The best way to control Russia is with oil and natural gas.  The United States was energy independent and exporting oil and natural gas when Trump was President.  Putin was planning the invasion of Ukraine the moment Biden took office and started to destroy our fossil fuel industry.  Biden should have been smart enough to see this last November and reversed his destructive energy policies.

We should have begun weaponizing Ukraine the moment Putin started moving troops and equipment to the Ukraine/Russian border.  Ukraine could use the $80 billion in military equipment we left for the Taliban in Afghanistan.  If Ukraine was well armed, would Putin have tried an invasion?

Ukraine needs to be able to control their airspace.  They needed and still need planes, but it may be too late.  We should have done something like FDRs Lend-Lease program with Britain in WWII last year. 

Why didn’t Biden give them our planes that the Air Force has retired and parked in the desert?  Most of these planes are still operational.  There are over 200 planes sitting in the desert including over 50 F-15s, over 50 F-16s, and over 40 A-10s.  Would Putin have considered an invasion if he knew Ukraine had over 140 fighter planes?  I don’t think so.  It is too late for these planes to be helpful now as there is no time for Ukraine to train pilots.

I hope Biden’s incompetence and commitment to the delusional climate change Left does not get us into WWIII.  We could see Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea unite to conquer the world.  WWII was bad because of two fronts with Germany and Japan.  WWIII with four fronts could be a disaster.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


 March 8, 2022

State of the Union      

I watched Biden’s State of the Union address from start to finish.  It was hard, but I did it.  I wanted to go barf a couple times, but I toughed it out.  The two bobbleheads (Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi) behind Biden added a lot of the nausea.

The speech was like listening to a bunch of political platitudes, slogans, and bumper stickers.  Biden did quite well reading the speech for someone with dementia.  I think he only went brain dead about ten times. He either has no idea what is going on in this country, or his dementia is so bad that he does not have a clue what he is reading. 

The lies were plentiful, but spoken with great conviction.  Biden did not recognize the “Root Cause” for all the problems.  The root cause is all the programs he implemented.  He did not even address some of the problems facing the country.

At times, he almost sounded like a Republican.  He said we had to fund the police and close the southern border.  Obviously, his past and future actions will not address or live up to his promises.   

Biden said he was going to address gas prices and inflation, but gave no actual solutions.  He has no idea how inflation affects working Americans.  He never mentioned making America energy independent, and never gave President Trump credit for achieving it.  He did ask for more delusional Green New Deal government spending which would only make inflation worse. 

I could have written a much better and shorter speech for Biden.  It would go like this:


I am so sorry.  I have to apologize to the American people.  Everything I have touched has turned into a disaster.  I will undo the damage I have done and will reinstate all of Trumps policies including finishing the wall on the southern boarder.  I hope you will support me in these changes and forgive my past mistakes.  Make America Great Again.  Thank you and good night.


Biden will never admit he was wrong, but I can dream.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.


March 1, 2022


Why is Biden so concerned about Russia invading Ukraine?  He says we have to protect and secure Ukraine’s borders in order for them to be a sovereign nation.  This is bull as he has no intention of securing our own southern boarder.

Does he have loyalty to Ukraine because of the money they have paid to Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family?  There is no way to hide this, but the Left is trying.  It puts President Biden in a bad situation.

President Biden says we have to protect their freedom and democracy.  This too is bull as Ukraine is not a democracy.   It is a dictatorship.    Political opponents to the President have been jailed on trumped up charges with no bail. 

Maybe jailing political opponents is the way the Left wants to define Democracy.  Democrats have done just that with January 7th protestors.  Trudeau has done just that with trucker’s protest in Canada.  These sound like tactics used by Stalin, Hitler, and Castro.

Biden says he will enact sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine.  Oil and natural gas are the only things keeping Russia solvent.  We could have had some control over Russia if we were energy independent and exporting oil and natural gas. 

Trump had us in the position of energy independence, but Biden has made us energy dependant.  We are currently importing oil from Russia.  We have surrendered any clout we could have had over Russia and are funding Russia’s war effort in Ukraine.

Putin has anticipated and planned for sanctions.  He is ready.  The sanctions will now hurt Americans as bad as or worse than Russians.  Neither Putin nor Biden care about hurting the working class. 

The bigger problem is Europe.  They made the mistake of being too dependant on Russian oil and gas.  They have a real problem if Russian oil and natural gas are cut off.  Germany does not even want banking restrictions that would prevent them from continuing to buy oil and natural gas from Russia.

Russia invaded Crimea when Obama was President.  Now Putin is invading Ukraine when Biden is President.  Putin did not dare do anything while Trump was President.  It is pretty obvious who had the effective foreign policy.  

Knowing all this, why is the White House and Congress so determined to back Ukraine in an armed conflict?  There are two primary reasons.

First, we are not in any armed conflicts at this time and there are not enough wars in the world to support our Military-Industrial Complex.  This industry is an important financial asset to the super rich and political elite.  These globalists endorse a military conflict in Ukraine.  Money is more important than human lives for them. 

Second, the biggest motive for the White House creating a crisis in Ukraine is to distract from the disaster Biden has created domestically.  The people are no longer buying the lies about COVID and Biden needs a new distraction.     

Democrats have to try to distract public attention from inflation, crime, open boarders, drugs, teaching racism in schools, energy prices, corruption in our intelligence agencies, and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.  They hope to hide these disastrous Biden policies by making everyone concentrate on Ukraine.


We must fight for fair elections and take control back from the DC establishment and Deep State.  These are the first steps to take back this country.



12 Responses to Blog

  1. Lee says:


    I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a monthly article dealing with current and upcoming issues the Barron County Commissioners are dealing with. This article would be posted on the Barron County Republican Party web site. I’m not looking for anything too partisan, unless you want, but more as a source of information on current County issues.

    There is not a lo t(hardly any) traffic on the web site but I’m trying to increase visits. I think this would be one way plus it’s something I would be personally interested in.

    Please feel free to contact me if you are at all interested.

    Lee Fulton
    1846 19th Ave.
    Rice Lake

  2. Chuck Nizzi says:

    Like your “in November…..” comment.

  3. Donald Sedlacek says:

    Ditto Thoughts !

  4. Roger Flink says:

    Hi Terry….I agree with you on the last election. We have been going down the wrong road for 8 years and another 4 years could have been devastating.

  5. Chuck Nizzi says:

    I feel that “God Bless America” is too much a command. I prefer “Please God, continue to bless America” or Please God, bless America” or “Please Heavenly Father, bless America again”.
    While I’m on that topic I’ve read in Romans (13:1), Titus and the book of Daniel that God places men in places of authority. In reading the Old Testament I see where God gave the Jews some good Kings and some rotten kings. And despite the Jews screwing up regularly and despite God sending prophets to warn them and them not listening… God was still faithful in sending a Savior. The Bible also says to pray for our leaders… wasn’t easy under Obama.
    So I am feeling that Trump could turn out to be a good President. He needs prayer too. Amen?

  6. Chuck Nizzi says:

    When I started reading this I thought you went nuts, but I read on thinking maybe you were going to compare this to healthcare insurance. Great comparison. I do my own car maintenance and I take care of my health and avoid visits to the doctor’s office / clinic like I avoid auto mechanics and ticks. I do buy tires and have them mounted and have had a clutch replaced. Other than that timing belts and water pumps on PT Cruisers don’t even stop me… neither does exercise and trying to eat right and maintain a reasonable weight. Great blog post.

  7. Donald Sedlacek says:

    Hi Terry. Hope you are doing good…. i have been down this same path 12 yrs ago…….new kinds of Meds….Great doctors……. And new ways of keeping the old ticker working!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take Care. Sedlo

  8. Chuck Nizzi says:

    For the USA to get back to a great nation the people will have to turn back to their Christian faith and all that faith encompasses. God will not bless a nation where He is not first in the hearts of the people of that nation. God will not bless an individual where that individual has other “gods”. Trump, like Obama came into power as it says in Romans 13:1 and in other places in God’s Word / Scripture / Bible.And then read on you culturally Christian Democrats, verses 2 – 7 in Romans chapter 13. God’s purpose is to get folks to turn back to, or for the first time to turn to Him and His ways so He can bless them and their nation.

  9. Chuck Nizzi says:

    Yes we need more authentic Christian morality in the USA. The current cultural Christianity found in the USA where a large population claims to be Christian and has bought into the prevailing culture in this country. That has blended a culture which has it’s ” that’s in there” attitude when it comes to scripture they haven’t read again for the first time, into their flavor of morality, faith / view of God’s laws and moral man’s laws. This has weakened the Christian faith to the point where “cultural Christians” accept that which is not true authentic Christianity. They have done this led by some religious denominations who tone down their religion because they do not want to offend those who attend their weekly services. They do not realize that getting back to authentic Christian faith and morality would be good for their flock and the nation. Finally many members of church flocks do not have the guts to bring there faith into their and other’s lives outside their religious organization’s building. They snuff out their light when it comes to taking an active part in remolding their culture back to authentic Christianity.

  10. Chuck Nizzi says:

    State government here in Wisconsin is run by lifelong bureaucrats that write the administrative rules after the legislature passes hollow laws that directs the regulations to be written by all the many State agencies. Trouble with that is that too many of these agencies , DNR, DSPS, DOR, DOA, ETC are “guided” by appointed boards / committees that are loaded with folks with specific self or industry interests and the rules they write on behalf of the legislation are quite biased. Even though they hold public meetings to review the rules, that is nothing more than a dog and pony show. The special interests get their ways because they have the ear of the bureaucrats. And the bureaucrats do not have the integrity (balls) to do the right thing because it is more like work. Take the building Codes, Wisconsin is still stuck on the 2011 NEC and a law passed in 2007 concerning electrical inspections has not had rules passed and approved yet because the bureaucrats are too unmotivated by industry to do their own work and move “forward” . A word found on the Wisconsin flag. Bureaucrats slow down government and when things do not go their “buddies’ “way they find ways to shift rules to satisfy their buddies / lobbyists. Sometimes moving things backwards. And who know whose palms are being grea$ed.

  11. Chuck Nizzi says:

    You are right on about MLK.

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