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November 30, 2021

BLM Scam   

Black Lives matter has pulled off one of the best scams in decades.  BLM has zero interest in actually protecting black lives.  If they did they would be working in places like Chicago’s south side where the shooting and killing of blacks is commonplace.

BLM leaders biggest goal is making money.   Bernie Madoff had a great Ponzi scheme, and he would have been proud of BLM’s achievements.  They talk about white cops killing unarmed blacks.  Yes, this happens because we don’t live in a perfect world, but it is to deserve the overblown attention it receivees from the lame-stream media. 

Anyone who has gone to BLM’s website can see their primary objective is destroying the country in order to allow  Marxism to take over.  

The scam was quite simple.  Promote a simple lie to the gullible WOKE movement.  It was genius.  A lot of people with good intentions and poor information were taken in by BLM’s con.  Corporations also  funded BLM.  They ignored the factsand were swayed by perceived public opinion. Many  are globalists who want a Marxist world economy. 

Kyle Rittenhouse was a 17 year-old boy trying to help protect private property from a BLM mob that was trying destroy and burn the town.  If politicians and law enforcement had done their job, there would have been no reason for Kyle to have been there.

There also was zero justification for the BLM demonstration.  An armed black criminal resisted arrest, and threatened police officers.  He was justifiably shot.

Rittenhouse was held in jail for months and charged with murder.  There were multiple recordings of the incident and it was clearly a case of self-defense.  He never should have been arrested or charged.  The Left tried to make this about race and it had nothing to do with race.  The legal charges were clearly Prosecutorial misconduct.  Some people need to lose their law licenses.

The riots in Kenosha were organized by BLM with the intent of destroying property.  This clearly qualifies as domestic terrorism.

Rittenhouse was attacked by four men in the riot.  He shot three, killing two.  The interesting thing is all four men were white and convicted felons.  One had been convicted of raping several adolescent boys. 

Black Lives Matter hire and recruit individuals that are then transported to riots.  Were these four criminals hired by BLM?  Is being a convicted felon a job requirement to work for BLM?  Are people supporting BLM actually supporting felons and child rapists or are they just naive?

ALL lives matter.   



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November 23, 2021

Draining the DC Sewer  

How do we reduce and eliminate the corrupt and inefficient DC establishment that does not put America first?  It took seventy years to grow this monstrosity and we will not be able to change it overnight.  Where do we start?

First, and most important, is that we must have free and fair elections.  All is lost If we can’t do that. 

The second thing is getting involved in who we send to DC to represent us.  This is the true root of the problem.  We must be active and informed in the primaries. 

People who only vote in the national elections are what politicians call Useful Idiots.  These people are easily bought and manipulated with media advertising, or vote a straight  Party ticket. 

For decades it did not mater if you voted Democrat or Republican for President, the Senate, or the House of Representatives.  They were all establishment candidates.  Some were worse than others. 

Donald Trump was the only anti-establishment candidate.  It is no wonder the establishment from both parties and appointed bureaucrats hated him with such passion.   He was threatening their very existence.

Both Democrats and Republicans are pro Washington establishment now, but we have a better chance of getting anti-establishment candidates in the Republican Party.  The Democratic Party has let the radical left take over the Party.  If you are a Democrat, I hope you can do your part to make the change to have your Party represent the American people. 

We know 75% of all DC agencies are illegal under the Constitution and the 10th Amendment, but it will take time to eliminate them.  If they were eliminated tomorrow, the unemployment created could trash the entire economy.  There needs to be a hiring freeze and early retirement options.

Some of these agencies are not only corrupt and immoral, but they are destroying people’s lives.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a great example.  At this point we know they have been lying to us about the COVID virus, masks, and vaccines from the beginning. 

Their objective for months has been to sell the vaccines and make the oligarchs money.  Pushing vaccines on people that have had COVID and have natural immunity has no benefit and can threaten or cost people their lives.  I am an example.

Since the DC establishment controls the money, they can and do force state, county, and city officials to perpetuate their lies.  These lies to the American People are unethical, immoral, and corrupt.  They are a crime.

One thing we can do at the local level is our school board elections.  They are local and we can elect people who will not allow teaching racism, pedophilia, or hate for our great country. 

According to the Constitution, the federal government should have nothing to do with education.   The argument has been made that federal control is good to create standardization.  The fact is it creates mediocracy, but it gives the DC establishment power.

The Department of Education is illegal, inefficient, and a terrible investment.  They waste ¾ of every dollar in their budget, but it will take a while to eliminate the DOE.

There is a lot of work to do.  People must get informed and be active.  Apathy could turn the United States of America into a Marxist country if the DC establishment continues to grow in power. 


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November 16, 2021 

The DC Sewer  

The Washington DC establishment has is totally out of control.  DC is oblivious to what is happening in the rest of the country, and does not care about the American people.  The elected officials and unelected bureaucrats only care about expanding their power.

The number one concern of our Founding Fathers was a Federal government that would become a tyrannical autocracy.  That is why Thomas Jefferson and James Madison carefully and clearly wrote the Tenth Amendment as follows:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

That is very clear.  It has never been repealed, and it has been totally ignored by our elected representatives and appointed bureaucrats for over seventy years.  The authority of the Federal Government is restricted to defense, immigration, interstate commerce, foreign trade, inland waterways, and interstate transportation.

Thomas Jefferson said, “A wise and good government shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”  A Federal Income tax was unconstitutional, until   Woodward Wilson started our current political disaster in 1913 with the Sixteenth Amendment.

The growth of the DC establishment has been so gradual that most Americans never saw the danger.  FDR made a big step with his New Deal.  JBJ enslaved minorities to a life without hope or a nuclear family with his War on Poverty. 

Obama did his best to expand the DC Deep State, politicize the intelligence agencies, and divide the country on race.  Biden has totally gone off the deep end with the Marxist Left.

Now, Washington controls every state, county, city, town, and American because they control the money.  Unfunded mandates are normal and everyone better fall in line, or money and grants will be pulled from other programs. 

Don’t get me wrong.  The Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats.  They are just not as blatantly obvious. Many Republican sins are just lack of action. 

Democrats promoted and condoned the domestic terrorism of BLM and ANTIFA while Republicans did nothing.  Republicans failed to stand up for peaceful Trump supporters from January 6th while they are being held in solitary confinement conditions worse than prisoners in Guantanamo Bay Cuba without bail or being charged. This lack of action is a discussing and immoral response by Republicans.

President Trump tried to drain the swamp, but he could not take on the establishment alone.  It was amazing what he was able to accomplish. 

The Washington establishment has grown to a corrupt and wasteful behemoth that is totally out of control.  If we followed the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment, 75% of the agencies in Washington would be eliminated immediately.  And 50% of the employees in the remaining agencies would be fired immediately.

This is not going to happen overnight, but next week, I will talk about what we can do.


November 9, 2021 

Dumb & Dumber

Democrats just got their ass whipped six ways to Sunday.  It is unbelievable how badly they got beat in states that were supposedly solid Democrat. 

You would think any moron would have gotten the message from the American people, but the Washington DC Democratic leadership says they are pushing ahead with their Marxist, left-wing agenda.  Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber can’t hold a candle to the Democrats in Washington. 

The American people have had enough.  They know they can’t believe anything from Washington or the lame-stream media.  People are sick of all the WOKE movement, political correctness, cancel culture, BLM, and ANTIFA bull s—.  People took it for a while, hoping it would blow over and go away, but it got worse.

The Left went too far when they started teaching the radical racism of Critical Race Theory to the school kids,  Ignoring biology, and science by teaching radical ideas of gender and pornography was not acceptable to parents either.

Speaker Pelosi says it is all about the children while using children as political pawns.  They promote sex trafficking with the open boarder.  Their welfare policy destroys the nuclear family, and kids go without a father.  They pass massive spending bills that will take many generations to pay off. 

The American people have reached their limit.  I know many good people who claim to be Democrats.  Are they ever going to get the message and take their Party back from the radical Left?


November 2, 2021

Who am I?

Who am I politically?  Most people reading this blog assume I am a Republican.  It is true that I do vote  Republican most of the time, but I consider myself an Independent.  The Democrats just no longer represent the American people.  They are too far left and only represent the rich oligarchy.

I am a Constitutionalist.  I believe in the Constitution.  Neither Democrats or Republicans follow the Constitution and its Amendments unless it fits their political agenda. 

The Constitution and the 10th Amendment clearly prohibit the Federal government from growing to its present size.  Both parties totally ignore this.

I believe in the rule of law.  Democrats no longer do.  They reduce and demean police while building walls around their private residences.         I believe a sovereign nation with secure borders.  Biden is in clear violation of our immigration laws.  President Biden openly ignores our laws.  He even ignores recent Supreme Court rulings.

I am a Libertarian.  I believe people need freedom and must take responsibility for their actions.

I am not a globalist.  I put America first.  That is the only way we can be strong and still be a world leader.

I vote Republican most of the time because this is the least of the evils.  It is a pretty sad state of affairs.

Some concerned citizens are so upset with the direction our country is headed that they are considering forming a third party.  This would be stupid on the national level because it would guarantee a Democratic one-party government for decades.  Work within your party to get candidates that represent the American people and not the DC sewer.

Both major political parties are clearly in favor of the Washington DC establishment.  There are a few exceptions in both parties like Democrat Tulsi Gabberd.

President Donald Trump was the only person that fought for everything I believe in, and tried to drain the swamp.  I understand why the establishment in both parties did everything legal and illegal to destroy him. 

We must put America First and end the DC establishment.


October 26, 2021

Train Rape

I saw a news story where an illegal alien raped a woman on a Philadelphia train.  What happened to law and order in the country? 

Riots, arson, and murder are condoned on the streets by domestic terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA who are trying to destroy the country.  The lame-stream media call it mostly peaceful and condones the violence.

In spite of the growing lawlessness in our streets, the Democrats talk of defunding the police and releasing people charged with felonies with no bail.  Leftist prosecutors refuse to prosecute many criminals.  The rule of law may be something we have to read about in history books, but the Marxists would rewrite history too.

The illegal alien who raped the woman on the train had been arrested for three prior crimes, including sex crimes, and he was still on the street.  He should have been in jail or deported for any one of these. 

Our border is open to all, including criminals, drug runners, and human traffickers. How long until none of us are safe?

This is all bad, but the most disgusting thing about the rape is that the other passengers did nothing.  This rape continued for 40 minutes and 27 train stops, and not one person even called 911.  Some did record the rape with their phones.  These people be charged as accessories to rape.

I am a 77 year old man with breathing problems, but I would never stand by and not try to stop a rape.  What is this country coming to? 

Everyone who witnessed this crime and did nothing should be ostracized from society.  Crime is so commonplace that it is ignored, but a conservative can lose his/her job for supporting President Trump. 

We are letting a small minority of WOKE people and the media (including social media) run this country.  The silent majority has to stand up and be heard.

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October 19, 2021

20 Greatest Threats

On July 7, 2020 I posted “Our Country’s 20 Greatest Threats.”  I now have to change the list. Joe Biden’s fraudulent election to President has changed everything. Here is my new list in order of the most critical threats.

1. Election Fraud – If we can’t achieve fair and honest elections, nothing else maters.

2. A lying media selling the Left’s propaganda – Many intelligent people don’t know the facts.

3. Political apathy – The United States has been the leader of the free world for over 100 years and people don’t recognize that this could change.

4. Lose of freedom of speech – Banning Conservative speech and so-called hate speech.

5. Open boarders & sanctuary cities – We can’t be a sovereign nation without boarders.

6. Marxism – This is the ultimate end goal of the Left.

7. Corrupt Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and the Deep State

8. Growing government & government debt – This was one of the greatest fears of our founding fathers.

9. The Ruling Class – Oligarchs & big money controlling our government

10. The radical left changing or eliminating the Constitution, Government Checks & Balances, the Electoral College, and using impeachment for political reasons.

11. Race and sex used to divide the country for political power.

12. Control of schools by radical left – 90% are teaching Marxist propaganda and not the 3 R’s, history, or civics.

13. Decline of law and order with movement to defund police, ICE, and border patrol.

14. Double standard for Rule of Law – No one should be above the law. The Democrat elite are immune from prosecution at this time.

15. Political correctness – All words have meaning & none should be banned. Hurt feelings are part of life and growing up.

16. Rising health care costs created by insurance companies, government control, and using the virus for political purposes

17. Globalism – Unfair trade policies, deficit trade balances, weapons industry, drugs trade, money laundering, and lost control of medical & military supplies to China.

18. Loss of Second Amendment rights – This has nothing to do with hunting. Taking guns away is an essential part of the Marxist agenda.

19. Religious freedoms of Christians being taken away.

20. War with Islam – This is a centuries old religious war to convert the world Islam and Sharia law.

21. COVID-19 or some other virus

22. Nuclear war

I listed 22 threats because I did not want to give the impression that I forgot about the Wuhan virus or nuclear war which still do not make my top 20 dangers.

Business Fits by Terry Oliver Lee is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.


October 12, 2021

FBI Most Wanted  

Last week I watched an episode of FBI Most Wanted.  I almost stopped and deleted it in the first five minutes because of the blatant lies about the demonstration at the Capital January 6, 2021, but decided to continue and see how bad it was. 

These drama programs always give a disclaimer that it is not about any real events or people in order to cover their ass.  This is ridiculous because it is obviously taken directly from the news and presented in a way to advance a political agenda. 

The program presented the demonstration at the Capital as an organized event by white supremacists who were domestic terrorists.  The actual videos show the demonstrators were unarmed and peaceful.  No mention was made of the unarmed, white, female veteran who was murdered without provocation by a black Capital Policeman.

It was not just the events of January 6 that were misrepresented.  The FBI was portrayed as moral, ethical, and non political.  What a joke.  There were so many FBI agents in the Capital that day that they were arresting each other as some of them promoted violence.  Since that time, the FBI has arrested and jailed many people who were in DC on that day for purely political reasons.  These people were simply objecting to a fraudulent and stolen election.  No actual crimes other than possibly trespassing were committed.

The show also referred to Red states (Republican) as being domestic terrorists.  I am sick of the entertainment industry repeating the lies against President Trump and the lies to cover-up all the disasters the Biden administration has caused. 

I do know that I will never watch another episode of FBI Most Wanted.  The lies have to stop.   


October 5, 2021

The Left and Science     

        I have to laugh when I hear Democrats and the lame-stream media say “Follow the science.”  Don’t kid yourself.  They don’t give a hoot about the science.  It is all about power and money. 

        Last week the actual scientists with the Federal Food and Drug Administration voted 16 to 2 NOT to approve the Pfizer vaccine booster shot.  But, they were then overruled by a political appointee with zero scientific knowledge.  It is now recommended for seniors.  Pfizer and their investors needed to make a few more billions.  They don’t care if some people die or ruin their health needlessly.

        The push for vaccines ignores the obvious science that shows people who have had COVID and recovered have a natural immunity far in excess of what the vaccine gives and does not expire like the vaccines.  They ignore this actual science because it does not fit their political agenda. 


I strongly recommend that:

  1. No one who has had COVID get the shot.
  2. If you are not sure if you had COVID, or it has been a long time since you were infected, get tested to see if you are immune before getting the shot. 
  3. No one under 30 should get the vaccine shot.

        I had COVID and got both vaccine shots about four months after having the virus.  Because of the vaccine, I have what they call delayed recurring reactions. I didn’t know any better at the time.  I now have permanent damage to my lungs.  The CDC knows better now.

        The Biden administration does not care about the health and well-being of the American people.  We are just pawns to be used to increase their power and take away our freedoms. They push the vaccine on people where the dangers far out weigh the benefits.  There is zero benefit for people with natural immunity to get the shot. 

        Biden wants to fire people who do not get the vaccine while having open boarders with no requirements for illegal immigrants or refugees getting vaccine shots.  They also withhold proven treatment options for the virus.  None of it is supported by science.

        COVID was a new pandemic and we were in a learning curve which is some excuse for the bad recommendations.  This was only an excuse until it became all about politics, power, and money.

        It is too bad we can’t believe anything that comes out of the White House, the CDC, or the FDA anymore.  Biden puts illegal immigrants and refugees before the health and well being of the American people.  I miss President Trump and putting America first.



12 Responses to Blog

  1. Lee says:


    I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a monthly article dealing with current and upcoming issues the Barron County Commissioners are dealing with. This article would be posted on the Barron County Republican Party web site. I’m not looking for anything too partisan, unless you want, but more as a source of information on current County issues.

    There is not a lo t(hardly any) traffic on the web site but I’m trying to increase visits. I think this would be one way plus it’s something I would be personally interested in.

    Please feel free to contact me if you are at all interested.

    Lee Fulton
    1846 19th Ave.
    Rice Lake

  2. Chuck Nizzi says:

    Like your “in November…..” comment.

  3. Donald Sedlacek says:

    Ditto Thoughts !

  4. Roger Flink says:

    Hi Terry….I agree with you on the last election. We have been going down the wrong road for 8 years and another 4 years could have been devastating.

  5. Chuck Nizzi says:

    I feel that “God Bless America” is too much a command. I prefer “Please God, continue to bless America” or Please God, bless America” or “Please Heavenly Father, bless America again”.
    While I’m on that topic I’ve read in Romans (13:1), Titus and the book of Daniel that God places men in places of authority. In reading the Old Testament I see where God gave the Jews some good Kings and some rotten kings. And despite the Jews screwing up regularly and despite God sending prophets to warn them and them not listening… God was still faithful in sending a Savior. The Bible also says to pray for our leaders… wasn’t easy under Obama.
    So I am feeling that Trump could turn out to be a good President. He needs prayer too. Amen?

  6. Chuck Nizzi says:

    When I started reading this I thought you went nuts, but I read on thinking maybe you were going to compare this to healthcare insurance. Great comparison. I do my own car maintenance and I take care of my health and avoid visits to the doctor’s office / clinic like I avoid auto mechanics and ticks. I do buy tires and have them mounted and have had a clutch replaced. Other than that timing belts and water pumps on PT Cruisers don’t even stop me… neither does exercise and trying to eat right and maintain a reasonable weight. Great blog post.

  7. Donald Sedlacek says:

    Hi Terry. Hope you are doing good…. i have been down this same path 12 yrs ago…….new kinds of Meds….Great doctors……. And new ways of keeping the old ticker working!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take Care. Sedlo

  8. Chuck Nizzi says:

    For the USA to get back to a great nation the people will have to turn back to their Christian faith and all that faith encompasses. God will not bless a nation where He is not first in the hearts of the people of that nation. God will not bless an individual where that individual has other “gods”. Trump, like Obama came into power as it says in Romans 13:1 and in other places in God’s Word / Scripture / Bible.And then read on you culturally Christian Democrats, verses 2 – 7 in Romans chapter 13. God’s purpose is to get folks to turn back to, or for the first time to turn to Him and His ways so He can bless them and their nation.

  9. Chuck Nizzi says:

    Yes we need more authentic Christian morality in the USA. The current cultural Christianity found in the USA where a large population claims to be Christian and has bought into the prevailing culture in this country. That has blended a culture which has it’s ” that’s in there” attitude when it comes to scripture they haven’t read again for the first time, into their flavor of morality, faith / view of God’s laws and moral man’s laws. This has weakened the Christian faith to the point where “cultural Christians” accept that which is not true authentic Christianity. They have done this led by some religious denominations who tone down their religion because they do not want to offend those who attend their weekly services. They do not realize that getting back to authentic Christian faith and morality would be good for their flock and the nation. Finally many members of church flocks do not have the guts to bring there faith into their and other’s lives outside their religious organization’s building. They snuff out their light when it comes to taking an active part in remolding their culture back to authentic Christianity.

  10. Chuck Nizzi says:

    State government here in Wisconsin is run by lifelong bureaucrats that write the administrative rules after the legislature passes hollow laws that directs the regulations to be written by all the many State agencies. Trouble with that is that too many of these agencies , DNR, DSPS, DOR, DOA, ETC are “guided” by appointed boards / committees that are loaded with folks with specific self or industry interests and the rules they write on behalf of the legislation are quite biased. Even though they hold public meetings to review the rules, that is nothing more than a dog and pony show. The special interests get their ways because they have the ear of the bureaucrats. And the bureaucrats do not have the integrity (balls) to do the right thing because it is more like work. Take the building Codes, Wisconsin is still stuck on the 2011 NEC and a law passed in 2007 concerning electrical inspections has not had rules passed and approved yet because the bureaucrats are too unmotivated by industry to do their own work and move “forward” . A word found on the Wisconsin flag. Bureaucrats slow down government and when things do not go their “buddies’ “way they find ways to shift rules to satisfy their buddies / lobbyists. Sometimes moving things backwards. And who know whose palms are being grea$ed.

  11. Chuck Nizzi says:

    You are right on about MLK.

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