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Tuesday, May 232017

National Security

We should all be concerned about our national security.  We have had too many leaks.  Some leaks are real and some are total fabrications.  All of them are politically motivated and the lame stream media blows them totally out of proportion.

I agree with freedom of the press and protecting their sources, but the media must also be held accountable if the information received is the result of a crime.  There was a time when the media was held to a higher standard and verified the information in any story.  This is certainly not true today.  The more outlandish the fake news is, the bigger the headline.

Leaking classified information is a crime and must be prosecuted.  Good intentions and political motivations are not an excuse.  Americans have and will die because of these leaks.

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning) was sentenced to a 35 year sentence after leaking classified information to Wikileaks while in the Army.  President Obama commuted his/her sentence after seven years and she is now free, and she is trying to get all her veteran benefits reinstated.   What kind of a message does this send?

There recently was a story that President Trump verbally gave classified information to a Russian representative.  The law clearly allows the President to declassify any information as he feels appropriate.

This is not the case with Hillary Clinton’s classified e-mails.  In fact, the law clearly states this is a felony regardless of intent.  Carelessness or stupidity is not a defense.  Not only wasn’t she prosecuted, but she ran for president.

There has been a special prosecutor appointed to look into foreign governments that meddle in our elections and national security.  I think this is great if he looks beyond Donald Trumps campaign staff.  He needs to investigate many things, like unsolved deaths of people with political information, selling 20% of our uranium to Russia, the Clinton foundation, the Benghazi cover-up, Fast & Furious, and a dozen other things.

This investigation must also be done quickly with prompt justice.   If it drags on for years and no one is cleared or held accountable, it will hurt this country.

These leaks must stop and people must be held accountable.  They are putting our country in danger and putting it in danger.

Politics is not an acceptable excuse.  God bless the United States of America.  God less President Trump and guide him to make America great again.

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