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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vote the Party Line  

Our two political parties have become so polarized that they hurt the American people.  The only things they seem to have in common is to obstruct the other party, grow the size of the federal government, and increase the power of the Washington DC swamp.

People talk about working “across the isle.”  The parties are even seated on opposite sides in the House and Senate like opponents.  They should be seated alternately, so every Democrat has a Republican on both sides and every Republican has a Democrat on both sides.  Maybe if they were forced to talk to each other they would work for the good of the country instead of only for their self interests.

The Republicans control the white house and both branches of Congress, and they have not been able to repeal Obama Care or pass tax reform.  Conservatives are frustrated that Republicans have not voted the party line and passed both.  I too am frustrated, but I respect the discussion of dissenting Republicans who may actually be trying to represent the state that elected them.  This debate is good.

What makes me mad is the Democrats totally voting the party line to spite the President and the Republicans.  I don’t believe a single Democrat has voted for tax reform.  This is crazy considering they call themselves the party of the people.

The proposed tax reform bills are not perfect and don’t benefit every individual, but in general they all will reduce taxes for working Americans and will stimulate the economy and producing jobs.  I would prefer the Fair Tax, but I understand it is too radical a step and too hard to explain at this time.

The fact that not one Democrat has supported tax reform clearly shows that they are more interested in promoting the party and the political elite than they are in helping the forgotten Americans.  I hope the Democratic Party wakes up, because President Trump is doing what he promised and working Americans will see the results in spite of the Democratic Party and the Washington DC swamp.

The American people have had enough, and that is the number one reason Donald Trump was elected President.  He seldom is politically correct and he doesn’t care if he offends people.  He tells it like it is and tries to do what he promised.  He is truly the most transparent President we have had in decades.

It will be very interesting to see how far this populous movement goes.  It could go a long way, because the progressive movement has been going the wrong direction for over a century.

God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


2 Responses to Blog

  1. Chuck Nizzi says:

    When I started reading this I thought you went nuts, but I read on thinking maybe you were going to compare this to healthcare insurance. Great comparison. I do my own car maintenance and I take care of my health and avoid visits to the doctor’s office / clinic like I avoid auto mechanics and ticks. I do buy tires and have them mounted and have had a clutch replaced. Other than that timing belts and water pumps on PT Cruisers don’t even stop me… neither does exercise and trying to eat right and maintain a reasonable weight. Great blog post.

  2. Donald Sedlacek says:

    Hi Terry. Hope you are doing good…. i have been down this same path 12 yrs ago…….new kinds of Meds….Great doctors……. And new ways of keeping the old ticker working!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take Care. Sedlo

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