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September 17, 2019

Gun Confiscation

Some of the Democratic Presidential candidates are talking about gun confiscation.  This is crazy.  It would lead to a civil war in this country.  Many people will fight to the death before giving up their guns, and they should.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

There is no mention of hunting or self-defense.  The primary reason is protection from both foreign and domestic governments, and this should remain a concern.

The reference to a militia in the Second Amendment was not limited to a government military.  It referred to citizens that could and would defend their country.

A well armed populous is a protection from foreign invasion.  Isoroku Yamamoto was Commander-In-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II:  He was aware of the civilian militia.  He said;

“You cannot invade the mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

The threat from a domestic government was of even more concern for our founding fathers.  The intention of the Second Amendment is quite clear.  George Washington wrote:

“A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them which would include their own government. ”

“Their own government” is an important part of his statement.   What happens after the government takes away guns?  Here is a little history:  Look at what has happened in other countries when guns have been confiscated.

  • 1911 in Turkey: 5 million people killed by government
  • 1929 in Soviet Union: 40 million killed by government
  • 1935 in China: 50 million people killed by government
  • 1938 in Germany: 13 million people killed by government
  • 1956 in Cambodia: One million people killed by government
  • 1964 in Guatemala: 100,000 people killed by government
  • 1970 in Uganda: 300,000 people killed by government
  • 1994 in Rwanda: One million people killed by government

Some people think this could never happen in our country because it can only happen where political leaders and bureaucrats have a political agenda, feel they are above the law, are accountable to no one, and are corrupt.

Obviously, it could happen here.  We now know how government intelligence and law enforcement agency’s were used to try to unseat a sitting President.  This should scare everyone.

Congress is looking at banning certain guns like the assault rifle.  Most of these politicians can’t even define an assault rifle except it is a scary looking military type.  I didn’t see any exceptions in the Second Amendment for guns that looked scary, and it clearly protects the right to own military type weapons.

The mass shootings that have taken place are being used to justify gun confiscation.  Guns are only a tool.   If politicians are serious about stopping mass shootings they need to deal with the real problems like mental health professionals, schools, and law enforcement sharing and reporting dangerous individuals.  Every mass shooting could have been prevented if this had been done.

Background checks are also good, but existing laws have to be enforced.  80,000 felons attempted to buy guns and were denied, but only 44 prosecuted.  How many did buy a gun?

Remember, every time you hear a politician talk about more gun control and gun confiscation or buyback, it has nothing to do with stopping school shootings.  It is about total government control.  And, that is called socialism or communism.

God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.

“Trump did not bring division.  Division brought Trump.  If you don’t see that, then you’re part of the problem.” – Ava Armstrong



6 Responses to Blog

  1. Chuck Nizzi says:

    When I started reading this I thought you went nuts, but I read on thinking maybe you were going to compare this to healthcare insurance. Great comparison. I do my own car maintenance and I take care of my health and avoid visits to the doctor’s office / clinic like I avoid auto mechanics and ticks. I do buy tires and have them mounted and have had a clutch replaced. Other than that timing belts and water pumps on PT Cruisers don’t even stop me… neither does exercise and trying to eat right and maintain a reasonable weight. Great blog post.

  2. Donald Sedlacek says:

    Hi Terry. Hope you are doing good…. i have been down this same path 12 yrs ago…….new kinds of Meds….Great doctors……. And new ways of keeping the old ticker working!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take Care. Sedlo

  3. Chuck Nizzi says:

    For the USA to get back to a great nation the people will have to turn back to their Christian faith and all that faith encompasses. God will not bless a nation where He is not first in the hearts of the people of that nation. God will not bless an individual where that individual has other “gods”. Trump, like Obama came into power as it says in Romans 13:1 and in other places in God’s Word / Scripture / Bible.And then read on you culturally Christian Democrats, verses 2 – 7 in Romans chapter 13. God’s purpose is to get folks to turn back to, or for the first time to turn to Him and His ways so He can bless them and their nation.

  4. Chuck Nizzi says:

    Yes we need more authentic Christian morality in the USA. The current cultural Christianity found in the USA where a large population claims to be Christian and has bought into the prevailing culture in this country. That has blended a culture which has it’s ” that’s in there” attitude when it comes to scripture they haven’t read again for the first time, into their flavor of morality, faith / view of God’s laws and moral man’s laws. This has weakened the Christian faith to the point where “cultural Christians” accept that which is not true authentic Christianity. They have done this led by some religious denominations who tone down their religion because they do not want to offend those who attend their weekly services. They do not realize that getting back to authentic Christian faith and morality would be good for their flock and the nation. Finally many members of church flocks do not have the guts to bring there faith into their and other’s lives outside their religious organization’s building. They snuff out their light when it comes to taking an active part in remolding their culture back to authentic Christianity.

  5. Chuck Nizzi says:

    State government here in Wisconsin is run by lifelong bureaucrats that write the administrative rules after the legislature passes hollow laws that directs the regulations to be written by all the many State agencies. Trouble with that is that too many of these agencies , DNR, DSPS, DOR, DOA, ETC are “guided” by appointed boards / committees that are loaded with folks with specific self or industry interests and the rules they write on behalf of the legislation are quite biased. Even though they hold public meetings to review the rules, that is nothing more than a dog and pony show. The special interests get their ways because they have the ear of the bureaucrats. And the bureaucrats do not have the integrity (balls) to do the right thing because it is more like work. Take the building Codes, Wisconsin is still stuck on the 2011 NEC and a law passed in 2007 concerning electrical inspections has not had rules passed and approved yet because the bureaucrats are too unmotivated by industry to do their own work and move “forward” . A word found on the Wisconsin flag. Bureaucrats slow down government and when things do not go their “buddies’ “way they find ways to shift rules to satisfy their buddies / lobbyists. Sometimes moving things backwards. And who know whose palms are being grea$ed.

  6. Chuck Nizzi says:

    You are right on about MLK.

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