Terry Oliver Lee is a semi-retired business and franchise consultant.  He has decades of experience as a business, marketing, and franchise consultant, and as a coach for individuals looking for or starting a business.

Terry has twenty plus years of franchise experience as a franchisee and working for franchisors.  He has spent fifteen years in the automotive business as a new Ford-Mercury dealer, as an automotive service franchisee, and in the collector car business.

Terry is a county supervisor, serves on the economic development board, and the Regional Business Fund board.  He serves as director for the local duplicate bridge club, and does one or two roles in local community theaters a year.

He has a BBA and MBA with marketing majors from The University of Iowa.

Terry is an Army veteran from the Vietnam time period.

He lives on Prairie Lake in Northwest Wisconsin with his significant other, Marla, a shelter dog named Skygge, and a cat named Poncho Cola Grande from the same shelter.

Marla is also an author.  Her pen name is Marla Madison.  She is the author of the suspense novels; She’s Not There, Trespass, Girl Undone, The Way She Lied, Relative Malice, Iced Malice, Promise of Malice, and Season of Malice.  Check her out on Amazon.

Terry also writes a Blog called, Common Sense, Business & Politics.

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